Event: SaleSqueze Business Breakfast

In November, we hosted our first business event SaleSqueze business breakfast: Everything for successful digital sales at the Cubo Hotel in Ljubljana. We invited representatives of various companies from Slovenia who are interested in selling complex products and services through digital channels.

In four extremely interesting lectures, we presented the idea of a new digital revolution, which upgrades the market of classic online sales and enables simple and standardized sales of complex products and services in a similar way to the already established sales of “off-the-shelf products”.

Our guest lecturers Damjan Blagojević, Jure Habbe, and Luka Ambrožič, presented in detail parts of the marketing and sales channel, which significantly contribute to the successful business model of digital sales and the use of the SaleSqueze tool in it.

For all those who did not manage to attend the business breakfast, we have prepared a gallery of pictures from the event and presentation materials presented at the event by our lecturers, which are available for download.